Stitch No. 47

Central Rhomb Strip
Fancy diamonds in the central lane.
Vertical strip of diamonds lined with pinholes – a stripe over 42 stitches.
If you want more stripes side by side,
repeat the entire graphic section of the chart.
In the graphical chart only RS rows are shown,
in the WS rows work stitches as they appear.
Purl newly added stitches.
Horizontally follow graphical symbols from right to left.
Vertically follow the rows from bottom to top, repeating row No. 1 to 36.


hladce      K1 = Knit 1 stitch  (videohelp), purl in WS
obrace      P1 = Purl 1 stitch  (videohelp), knit in WS
nahodit za příč      M1, P in WS  = Pick up a stitch from the horizontal strand
between needles (videohelp), purl in WS
dvevpravo     K2tog = Knit 2 sts together (videohelp)
dvevlevo      SSK = slip, slip, knit slipped stitches tog. A decrease (videohelp)
3x3vpravo   Cross 6 sts to the right – 3k sts over 3k sts
3x3vlevo   Cross 6 sts to the left – 3k sts over 3k sts

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