Kids Poncho

Kids Poncho With  Puff Stitch and Little Flowers
Size: 2-4 years
Material: Jelibon, Lüks Minnoş (Nako)
Color No: 60077 (3 balls), 208 (1 ball)
Needle No: 4.5 mm
Crochet Hook No: 2.5 mm

Knitting Style:
Knit stitch, purl stitch,
Stockinette Stitch: Knit RS, Purl WS.
1×1 ribbing: * k1, p1* rep.
Puff stitch with needle (Bubble):
Make 5 sts up from 1 st (b&f); work them in stockinette stitch 6 rows; then knit them all together and continue knitting with this remaining one stitch.,
chain, extended double crochet

BODY (make 2 pieces):

Start knitting form the sleeve.
Using a 4,5 mm circular needle andyarn color no. 208, cast on  50 sts.
Work back and forth in rows as if working with straight needles by 1×1 ribbing for 3 cm and change to yarn color no.60077.
Continue in stockinette stitch.
Increase one st 41 times in every RS row on both sides. At the same time make one puff st spacing 10 stitches in every 4-th row. Continue until the body measures 35 cm.
Now find the center stitch and cast of  15 sts in the middle of the row for the neck. Work each side of neck separately. For shaping cast off 2+1+1 stitches at beg of next rows on both sides of the neck.
Back middle:
Work in stockinette stitch 3 cm more and cast off  lll stitches.
Front middle:
Work in stockinette stitch 3 cm more and next 3 cm by rib 1/1.

Make 5 buttonholes spacing 3 cm in during the 1/1 rib on the right side of front middle part.

Press/block pieces. Sew togetherBack center seam as shown in the diagram. Place buttens oposite the holes.

FLOWERS:  Follow the diagram by hook No. 2,5 by color no.208. Make  14 pieces. Spread and sew up the flowers on the front and back of the poncho.
Make 6 cm tassels  around the border of the poncho.

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