Stitch No. 42

vzor 06-v

Lace stitch with rhombs

Number of stitches: multiple of 12 + 1
Work along the gaphic chart. Follow the symbols in the chart from the right to the left, start by stitch before the right vertical pink link, then repeat the sequence between vertical pink links, end by stitches after the left vertical pink link.
Vertically follow the rows from buttom to top.
In the chart both RS (right side)  and WS (wrong side) rows are displayed.
In WS rows (left side numbers) the stitch symbols are shown
as the stitches will appear on the RS.
Vertically repeat rows 1 to 16.

Knitting Chart:vzor 06-graf

Symbols in the Chart:
vzor 06-hl   knit in RS, purl in WS
vzor 06-obr   purl in RS, knit in WS
vzor 06-nah   YO (yarn over), purl in WS
vzor 06-2splhl   knit 2 together, purl in WS
vzor 06-2splpř   SSK, purl in WS
vzor 06-5obt3x   5 sts wrap by the working yarn 3 times


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