Stitch No. 23


Bushlike weaves
According to the Russian original узор  101

Eyelet stitch similar to the bushes.
Number of stitches:
multiple of  16 + 3 + 16 stitches for symmetry and 2 more sts for edge.
Only RS rows are displayed.

In WS rows work each stitch in the manner as it presents
(i.e. knit knitted sts and purl purled sts) Purl new sts.

Vertically repeat rows 1 to  16.

Knitting Chart:
(click the chart for opening the original large picture)

Symbols in the Chart:
     K1 = Knit 1 stitch  (videohelp), purl in WS
       P1 = Purl 1 stitch  (videohelp), knit in WS
        YO = Yarn over (videohelp), purl in WS
       K4Tog – Knit 4 stitches together (right slanting)
      SSSSK = Slip, slip, slip, slip, knit 4 slipped stitches together. (A left-slant decrease – videhelp)

I can not be responsible for possible mistakes in the original version

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