Stitch No. 4

kb-stitch0004aRhombs of knit and purls

Cast on multiple of 12 + 1 sts (+2 edge sts).
Only RS rows are displayed.
In WS rows work each stitch in the manner as it presents
Horizontally repeat the sequence between arrows.
Vertically repeat rows 1 to  32.

Graphic Chart:

Symbols in the chart:

       K1 = Knit 1 stitch  (videohelp), purl in WS
obrace      P1 = Purl 1 stitch  (videohelp), knit in WS

Instruction how to follow the graphic chart:

Follow the stitch symbols in the chart from the right to the left and the rows from bottom to top. Start your work by an edge stitch, then follow symbols of row no. 1  (from odd row numbers). Continue by repeating the sequence of stitch symbols between both arrows to the last stitch, make the last stitch by the symbol after the left arrow and finish the row by 1 edge stitch. (The edge sts are not displayed neither counted in the chart.)
Row no. 2 is not displayed in the chart (like other  WS rows).
Work all the WS stitches as you see them (i.e. knit knitted sts, purl purled sts). 

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